Design/Assist  Design/Build

  • Victoria Air Conditioning, LTD is interested in being a team member for your project. As team member we bring the following qualifications to the project.
    Victoria Air Conditioning follows a standard procedure in reviewing design and construction documents. The procedure includes a check off review sheet developed over the years and updated as new issues arise. A common color code is used when marking up plans to aide in identifying take off items and associated materials. Our objectives in reviewing documents are to first identify our scope and account for the material and labor cost. Second, identify missing information or conflicting items. Third, share what has been identified with the team to ensure a complete scope and price.
  • Victoria Air Conditioning has the ability to provide feedback regarding cost, schedules and constructability in multiple forms to meet the GC/CM requirements.
  •  Cost data can be provided with material and labor units per item reflecting job specific adjustments. We have worked with the different forms of schedules and can provide input and assist in generating a workable schedule. Starting with the project milestones we can provide task with predecessors, durations and resources for the GC/CM’s use.
  •  Victoria Air Conditioning’s approach is to provide realistic and quantifiable pricing throughout the process based on our experience and the project scope. Identify when scope creep occurs and provide pricing based on such items. Establish early in the pricing phase what will be the construction standards used on the project, industry standards, the A/E’s historical standards or the owner’s master standards.
  •  Victoria Air Conditioning plans on providing our opinion and recommendations to the Construction Manager, A/E and it’s consultants in a professional and concise format that allows for tracking and sharing among the team members. We also consider it our responsibility to provide recommendations on suppliers and manufactures based on our experience with them to meet project schedules.
  • Victoria Air Conditioning estimating methods are based on standard procedures in the Mechanical construction industry. Our source data is the MCAA "Mechanical Contractors of America", National Mechanical Estimator by Ottaviano, NAPHCC "National Assoc. of Plumbing Heating Cooling contractors and RSMeans Publications.
    •  Software: Estimation Logistics computer based take off. These programs are designed specifically for HVAC, Mechanical and Plumbing contractors. Benefits include multi-level breakouts, a customizable database, preset assemblies, and specification-driven capabilities, giving complete control over the estimating process. Estimation Logistics also links with Traser Premier (pricing service) which provides weekly material pricing updates based on geographical locations. This allows for the tracking of cost and a standardized baseline pricing model.